May 7th, 2013

Hotch and Prentiss....c'mere baby


Title: The Ten Year Plan
Author: Montiese
Category: AU/Drama/Humor/Friendship/Romance
Characters: Emily Prentiss, Penelope Garcia, Aaron Hotchner
Pairing: Hotch/Prentiss
Rating: TEEN
Summary: “This is just like that time in high school when you called the skeevy drug dealer and gave him phone sex for free mushrooms.”
Author’s Note: This story is written in the Babylon universe, a universe I always get ideas in (because it revolves around music) but they never seem to translate well to paper. This one came to me from listening to Teenage Fanclub’s The Concept too many times and not being able to fall asleep even after taking sleeping pills. That might be obvious soon.

(The Ten year Plan)