jellybeanlilly (jellybeanlilly) wrote in hotch_prentiss,

Calling all Hotly fans!..

I need your talent!..

Is there anyone here that is good at art?. I'm actually pretty good and I mostly design all my own tattoos, accept for my 'geeky fandom' ones :P .. Anyway, I need someone to design me a 'Hotly' tattoo :) .. preferably one like my 'Sparky' tattoo.. which is my avatar ---->

I'm asking this question here because, well, look at all the awesomly talented fic writing Hotly fans!.. surly one of you awesomly talented people can create me an equally awesome lil tattoo?.. pleeeease?.. I will give credit where credit is due!.. :)

annnnd on a slighty different side note. *deep breath/sigh* I still have yet to get past episode 3 of season 7... I'm scarred!.. I know she leaves!, and I was kinda, sorta, "OK" with that, coz, well she can always come back! and plus, ya know, there's always fic! (aka my Happy Place).. but then I found out that there's some "thing" called "Beth"!?!.. which made me angry, then I heard that season 7 is like, aweful!?.. but at the same time awesome!?.. I have ver mixed feelings bout actually finishing season 7!?.. Infact, I've started re'watching from when Emily starts at the BAU!.. *head desk* .. I need help.

Anyway!.. Tattoo!.?. :)


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